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for Desire To Inspire Studios

I am proud and passionate about being a part of Desire To Inspire Studios: photographers, videographers and diverse artists in Marin who support the community by helping numerous non-profit organizations tell their stories to the world.

Ambassador for

San Rafael Chamber of Commerce

This Chamber is the largest and most active in Marin, bringing businesses of all sizes together to support each other and collaborate. I’m proud to be part of their Ambassador team and the Women of Industry, supporting women in business.

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Graphic + Print + Social Media Design | San Francisco | Marin

About Monica May

From my childhood I remember how I would literally “re-design” my tape cassette covers, illustrating images that I felt were more reflective of the audio or music - beautifications!
When I design I will listen to what your story, your business is about and what you are trying to achieve, and then share my thoughts and insights to come up with the most beautiful, memorable creations. My motto is "form follows function, but the form will be stunning".

I studied Communication Design in Bavaria, Germany and Paris, France. I originally studied fine arts and then mastered in photography and visual design.
I designed layouts for magazines in Germany (X-mag, Das Jugendmagazin) and the U.S (Architectural Digest | Florida International Magazine). Having worked in different advertisement agencies like Satz & Graphic Partner and Consultatio, I create branding, marketing collateral, advertisements, invitations in print and online. I photograph people, events, businesses and products. 
Visually stand out with your online presence is an additional part that I can create for you, plus I am teaching social media design to you to get you jump started, to create your brand soul essence, make emotions visible, to find your tribe, right client and to make all given tools work for you with ease.

You can expect to receive unique, brand-oriented designs that stand out with its beauty. 


When I was a teenager, my friend was super shy, so I invited her to be my photo model! In our session I made her feel and look gorgeous in all the images. She loved it so much, she put them up in her room, and wore her hair from then on as I styled it for her portraits. I could tell, our session made her feel happy and confident about herself. It was a gift to both of us.
Photography was part of my Masters program. I was fortunate to have worked as a teen and 'tween model, with agencies and outstanding photographers early on. These opportunities allowed me to learn from great mentors and experiment and work with film and cameras for many years.
When I take your portrait, I will make sure you will be at ease, have fun. I will share my insights on how you can look your very best so you will love your images so much, you will want to put them on your wall. I will capture that feeling you have from the beginning to the transformation of confidence in the end. It is my job to fine-tune the pictures so your personality can shine. 

Up Close
I am blessed with a kind, creative boy and a supportive sweet husband in beautiful Marin. Living across the Golden Gate Bridge means I not only know all the wonderful spots in San Francisco, but also throughout the Bay Area for photography sessions! 

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