I love to connect with people and capture all the delightful moments! It started with my first used full frame Nikon and 50mm at age 15  … which led to visual studies in Munich and Paris. I worked for magazines, graphic and ad agencies.  Since 2015 I enjoy photographing full time. 

Lifestyle / Business / Portraits Sessions are available throughout the year indoors and outdoors. 
Holiday Sessions and Client Events have become an annual tradition, beginning late August I start photographing sessions around San Francisco’s landmarks and the beautiful countryside in Marin and Bay Area. My son Marco assists as content creator at Client Photo Events.

As a teen I got to earn some experience in front of the camera. Remembering that feeling of “what should I do with my hands”, I now designed a style guide and educate my clients to get authentic, natural results.
When relocating to the US I studied childhood education to improve my English skills, which led me to working with children and parents in private and school settings. I love working with kids and with this extra knowledge I can help children feel comfortable and enjoying their special moment in front of the camera.
Blessed with a talented, hardworking teen, Marco enjoys photography and supports me as my second shooter, assistant and content creator at many events.
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Feeling grateful living in beautiful Marin with my loving, supportive family and pets!

“A thing that you see in my pictures is that I was not afraid to fall in love with these people.” – Annie Leibovitz​

During my studies in Germany and France, I  photographed and designed layouts for magazines which I continued when relocating to the U.S. Having worked for advertisement agencies and as a freelance I designed branding, and marketing campaigns. 
In 2018 the food company Coconut Secret hired me full-time to develop and manage all of their social media channels for the following 4 years until the company sold. The position allowed me to create campaigns and advance in food and product photography which led me to a variety of companies I work with now.

I studied Communication Design in Germany (I grew up in Bavaria) and Paris, France. Multimedia studies cover multiple forms of media from graphic to web design, photography to advertisement. My MA is in photography, branding and social marketing campaign development.

German Language School of the North Bay (2021 to now) As a member of the School Board I provide my photography skills for fundraising, and support the non-profit organization with capturing events  while managing their social outlets.

Kiddo! Mill Valley (2016 to 2020) For four years I volunteered at my son's elementary and middle school with event photography, photography session donations for  fundraisers and designing their annual newsletter.

Desire To Inspire Studios (2017 to 2020) I was part of this artistic group of photographers and diverse artists in Marin who support the community by helping numerous non-profit organizations .

San Rafael Chamber of Commerce (2018 to 2020) 
As  part of their Ambassador team I am supported women in local businesses.

Ambassador + Volunteering

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